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In addition, the photographs could also help in documenting other crimes that took place in Syria. While most of the photographs of the detainees lost their metadata when they were copied to be smuggled out of Syria, photographs still had partial metadata indicating the four models of camera the photographs were taken with, as well as some dates.

Profiles of Victims from the Caesar Photographs Human Rights Watch interviewed 27 separate families who said they recognized their relatives among the Caesar photographs, as well as nine former detainees who said they recognized and spent time in detention with victims from the photographs.

Moreover, transgender people are 49 times more likely and prisoners are five times more likely to be living with HIV than adults in the general population. Many of the photographs show emaciated bodies as well as marks of torture. In a mass killing the number of people killed is usually smaller than in genocide.

Self-stigma affected a person's ability to live positively, limits meaningful self agency, quality of life, adherence to treatment and access to health services. They are more than a simple arm of the government; they are in practice autonomous entities that report directly to the highest officials in the Syrian state, and according to some analysts, directly to the President.

Branch operated by Military Intelligence The detainee number: Military orders confirmed that security branches transferred bodies to the military hospitals for registration and burial. Though most families did not approach the notorious security branches for fear of being arrested; those who did register official demands for information received almost no information as to how their relative had died.

In that case, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals had ruled that indecent exposure is limited to a person's genitalia. Unlike the photographs in the first category, there are no numbers associated with the bodies, but rather their full name written on a piece of paper and photographed.

Call for the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the ICC, as the forum most capable of effectively investigating and prosecuting those bearing the greatest responsibility for abuses in Syria.

She stood her ground and when he had finished his objections she defended her position. The Stories of the Victims Human Rights Watch set out to answer three key sets of questions about the photographs of the dead detainees: Furthermore the Security Council should adopt targeted sanctions on officials credibly implicated in abuses and should refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court.

Some received death certificates that simply stated the deceased had died of heart or respiratory failure.

Mass killings under communist regimes

Nearly all of the folders in which photographs were filed were named by date. Arch Getty et al showed that a total of 1, people died in the Gulag from to The investigations included examination of evidence provided by families of the deceased and fellow detainees.

If the Dead Could Speak

Roughly one in eight people living with HIV is being denied health services because of stigma and discrimination.

The exact purpose of the photographs is not clear.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Eliot puts it, 'If you will not have God and he is a jealous God you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin. I am aware that I have the disease so I do not touch him.

However other types of photographs are also important. Rummel 's book Death by Governmentabout million people, foreign and domestic, were killed by communist democide from to The trauma of detention, as well as the torture many detainees underwent, also led to mental distress, including cases of serious mental illness.

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They were racial trash, as Engels called them, and fit only for the dung-heap of history. The memorial was erected by the human rights group Memorial in the USSR in in remembrance of the more than 40, innocent people shot in Moscow during the "years of terror".

Thompson places personal responsibility directly on Joseph Stalin. It symbolises the birthing act and renders the recipient noa "base". Some historians attempt to make separate estimates for different periods of the Soviet history, with casualties for the Stalinist period varying from 8 to 61 million.KEY POINTS: There is a cyclical relationship between stigma and HIV; people who experience stigma and discrimination are marginalised and made more vulnerable to HIV, while those living with HIV are more vulnerable to experiencing stigma and discrimination.

Mass killings occurred under several twentieth-century communist regimes. Death estimates vary widely, depending on the definitions of deaths included. The higher estimates of mass killings account for crimes against civilians by governments, including executions, destruction of population through man-made hunger and deaths during forced deportations, imprisonment and through forced labor.

Quantifying the effect of natural disasters on society is critical for recovery of public health services and infrastructure. The death toll can be difficult to assess in the aftermath of a major.


The General Register Office is part of Her Majesty's Passport Office and oversees civil registration in England and Wales. We maintain the national archive of all births, marriages and deaths dating back to and further information on our services can be found using the links shown below.

The Caesar Photographs. The Caesar photographs received by Human Rights Watch can be divided into three categories.

The largest category of photographs, 28, images, are photographs of people. Death's End (Remembrance of Earth's Past) - Kindle edition by Cixin Liu, Ken Liu.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Death's End (Remembrance of Earth's Past).

Number of deaths from online dating
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